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Salona Village Citizens Association (SVCA) Annual Meeting


The SVCA Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 15, 2023 from 3-5pm at the McLean Baptist Church on Calder Rd. If you have not yet joined the SVCA and would like to, you can register at and click on the tab “About SVCA (Join Here)" 

Hope to see you there!


Upcoming SVCA Executive Board meetings are posted here in advance. SVCA Members are welcome to attend and may request the location of the meeting by sending an email to at least two weeks prior to the scheduled date. Please indicate any topics of interest. 


Issues affecting Salona Village and currently under discussion include the acquisition of a Salona Village residential property by a corporation operating a medical treatment facility and the McLean Community Business Center (CBC) Planning Study, which is nearing completion and could significantly impact Salona Village by allowing high rise commercial development on the neighborhood's perimeter. If you would like to contribute to these discussions, or add additional issues affecting Salona Village to this list, please send an email to and/or plan to attend an upcoming SVCA Executive Board Meeting. 



Revision of McLean Downtown Comprehensive Plan

Plans are underway to amend the Fairfax County Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) for the McLean Community Business Center (CBC).  The McLean CBC, also referred to as downtown McLean, is one of 13 CBCs in Fairfax County.  The McLean CBC Task Force was established to consider and offer recommendations for changes to the Comprehensive Plan guidance for the McLean CBC. The County has setup the CBC Study Website with information on the study, including plans, meeting summaries, presentations, and submissions.


The County Comp Plan is used as a guide to decision making about land use and the Zoning Ordinance is used to implement the Adopted Comprehensive Plan.  The current approved CBC Comp Plan is available on the County Planning site -  Current McLean CBC Comp Plan.  McLean CBC zoning information is in the Fairfax County Zoning Ordinance, beginning on page A7-19 of Appendix 7 - McLean CBC Zoning Ordinance


Neighbors are encouraged to review this study to understand how it may impact our community – changes for the better or not. Please submit any questions or comments regarding the McLean CBC Study to the Red Comment button below or send an email to SVCA at


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